Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 43: Foreign Body

                Today, in addition to Tech appointments and Doctor appointments, we also had a foreign body/bladder stone surgery on a Lab mix that was performed by Dr. Kris.   I say it was a foreign body/bladder stone surgery because Dr. Kris wasn’t sure what it was going into the surgery; looking at the X-rays, she knew that something was in the bladder, and at first she thought it was a large clump of bladder stones.  However, once the surgery was underway, a piece of bone was what was pulled out.  We have no idea how it got there, and we never will.  But this was definitely an interesting surgery with an unexpected result!
Beginning to open the bladder.  Dr. Kris is inplacing 'safety sutures' (looping a thread through both sides of the bladder and securing them to the sterile sheet with forceps) with in order to prevent the bladder from moving during the procedure.

The piece of bone that was taken out.

The stitched up bladder after the piece of bone was taken out.

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