Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 45: Laceration Repair, FLUTD, Anorexia, Azotemia, Entropion

                Today we had some Tech appointments and some Doctor appointments, but nothing serious or ‘strange’, per se (mostly animals with cold-like symptoms, a cut on a toe, or just needing nail trims; smaller things like that).  However, we had more patients staying with us in the recovery room today than we have in a while.  The first new patient we had was a Domestic Short-Haired torti cat named Sprinkles who had received laceration repair (fixing a jagged wound) during the previous night.  She was sleeping a lot throughout the day, so she seemed to be recovering fine; she went home during the early afternoon.  Next to Sprinkles was Gabe, another Domestic Short-Haired black cat, who has FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease--that covers a wide range of urinary tract issues, but in this case, Gabe had bladder stones).  Dr. Kris performed surgery during the afternoon, and he is recovering fine.  Next to Gabe was another Domestic Short-Haired black cat named Chico, and next to Chico was yet another Domestic Short-Haired black cat named Max (whom I called Maxie).  Chico was in for the same problem as Gabe, but he had received surgery last night and was solely recovering and resting up today.  Maxie was here to medical board for the week while his parents were out of town.  He has Diabetes, and he also has no teeth (I’m not sure why he needed all his teeth removed)!   He was a very enjoyable patient/boarder though, always wanted to play and be pet, and whenever we would say “Max!” or “Maxie!” he would answer us back with a cute little meow.  He was such a sweetie!  At the end of the row next to Maxie was a Chihuahua named Coco, who was in the hospital being treated for Anorexia and Azotemia (in addition to not eating/not being hungry, she was also accumulating urea [nitrogenous waste products that are the breakdown product of protein metabolism in mammals and should be passed in urine] in her blood). She just transferred here this afternoon from another hospital, so I’ll have to check on her tomorrow to see what’s going on with her and see how she’s doing.  Lastly, the corral was housing a bulldog named Buddy for the day, who was receiving a dental as well as eyelid surgery.  He had what is called Entropion, which is where the edges of the eyelid (either upper or lower; in this case, it was his lower) turn inward, which causes the lid and the lashes to rub against and irritate the eye.  Dr. Karen performed the surgery (she just needed to remove part of the lower eyelid), and he rested a lot after his surgery was done, and he went home sometime in the evening.

Sprinkles, The DSH Torti cat.  The stitching and drainage tubes can be seen on her side where her laceration was repaired.

Gabe, (one of the) DSH black cats that had FLUTD.

Flushing Gabe's cathater before removing it to perform the bladder stone surgery.

His little bladder.

The BB pellet-like stones that were in his bladder.

Flushing one more time before stitching him up, to make sure all the stones are out.

Finalized stitching.

Chico, the other DSH black cat with FLUTD.

Maxie, the DSH black sweetie.

Coco, the little Chihuahua with Anorexia and Azotemia. She also has her little teddy bear with her for comfort!

Buddy, the bulldog with Entropion issues.  This picture was taken before the surgery, and as it shows, his right lower eyelid is droopy while his left  lower eyelid is right up against his eye.

His eyelid being fixed/stitched up after part was removed (the lower eyelid can be seen as 'droopy' agin in this picture, like his right lower eyelid is).

The few pieces of his lower eyelid that were removed.

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