Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 44: Small Car Accident, Baby Squirrel, NubNub Tail

                Today we of course had some Tech and Doctor appointments, and in the afternoon we had an emergency for a Maltese mix named Lucy that was hit by a car.  Luckily, after Dr. Roberta checked her over and performed some tests, it was found that there was no serious damage externally or internally to Lucy besides a few cuts here and there as well as a few gashes/abrasions on her thighs. One of the abrasions was larger than the others, and it needed to be cleaned and stapled shut (the other abrasions were small enough that they just needed to be cleaned).  Dr. Roberta first gave a Metacam injection to help with pain relief, then applied Tritop ointment to protect from bacterial infections on her skin, and lastly gave Lucy a Polyflex injection to help fight against skin bacterial infections.  After giving the injections and medications, it was time to focus on closing the larger abrasion.  Since it was such a small ‘procedure’, it wasn’t really necessary to put Lucy under anesthesia.  When Dr. Roberta tried to get the first staple in, Lucy yelped and jerked her leg back, so the staple didn’t go in all the way.  Lauren was holding Lucy, and I was scratching Lucy’s head and talking to her in order to try and distract her, as well as to try and help her feel more at ease.  It took a few more tries, but Dr. Roberta was then able to staple the abrasion closed.
One of Lucy's gashes.

The largest gash all stapled up.

Lucy, the Maltese.

                There were also two small yet interesting things that happened later in the afternoon today.  The first was that a client found a baby/just born squirrel (at least, we were all fairly sure it was a squirrel) while taking a walk, and so they brought it in because they weren’t sure what to do with it but didn’t want to leave it for dead at the place where they found it.  Unfortunately there really wasn’t anything anyone could do, especially since no one really knows anything about squirrels and no one really knew what was wrong with it; so, I’m not sure what happened with the squirrel.  The second was that one of the new stray cats that had arrived a few days ago had to get his tail surgically removed; the nervous system in his tail was dead, and he couldn’t move his tail anymore nor could he feel anything in his tail.  Because of that, the doctors removed it last night, but I didn’t know that had happened.  I don’t know what caused his tail to end up like that, but it was just an interesting thing to see a cat with a nub for a tail!  He’s also going to be put up for adoption soon; he’s a sweetie, so hopefully he’ll find a nice home soon!
The baby squirrel.

The kitty's nubnub tail!

The nice stray cat.

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